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Tamil Nadu | Travel Guide, Best Attractions, Tours & Packages

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the place which falls under the category of one of the significant tourist spots of the nation. It is the second major spot in the tourism atlas of India. It offers something or the other for each tourist.

It is one amongst the two southern most states of India which is the biggest peninsula of the globe offers a thing for everybody visiting the place for each reason. Whether it is trade, elite tourism and voyage, pilgrimage, nature explore, study and research, tradition and customs, shopping, celebratory or else hill stations. The state has all one can expect for.

Folks of the state are extremely welcoming for the tourists and in adding up the state as well presents a lot of striking delicacies. Not just it presents one of the supreme places for camps and various sorts of delicacies which most guests will discover grand for their tastes. The exclusive characteristics of tourism in the state is that it presents a surplus of culture as well as traditions that are linked jointly making an unusually beautiful package for the tourists. Culture and tradition of is essentially South Indian in addition to diverse from the other parts of India. Nevertheless, it is also a bit exceptional and diverse from other regions of South India.

How to Reach Tamil Nadu

By Air: There are four international and three domestic airports in the state. The airport connects all the major cities of the nation and also the international cities of almost 19 countries of the world. Every week it has over 169 direct flights

By Train: The southern railway serves the city. It has the network which links all the cities of the nation. Chennai is the gate of the other cities of the state.

By Road: The state has an extensive infrastructure. It is very well connected by the network of roads in the state and outside the state.

Sightseeing in Tamil Nadu

Ooty: This is the hill station of the state. It is an extremely favourite destination of the tourists. The chief temple in the hill station is Mariamman temple, situated near the market of the place.

Madurai: The major lure of the city is Meenakshi Amman Temple, a temple where a tourist can see more than 30,000 sculptures, look into the acoustics of the 1000 pillared hall in the city, shake trunks with the huge animal which is an elephant and drop down a coin in wishing tank.

Pondicherry: The name has at present changed to Puducherry. This is a beach town which has a small number of shores to let a tourist play in the sand and surf.

Chennai: It is the capital city of the state and a very beautiful city. The city has a lot of tourist attraction which lure lots of tourists from all over the world.

Where to Stay in Tamil Nadu

The state provides all budget lodgings to the visitors of the state. The tourist of this place does not have any difficulty to get the hotels according to the choice.

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