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This city is situated in north eastern region of India. Shillong means, ‘home of clouds’. It is the capital city of the state of Meghalaya. As this city is situated in rolling hills sheltered with pines, the capital has a mild weather. It is approximately 1496 m higher than the sea level. The city is the house to lots of gorgeous waterfalls and thus it is as well recognized as the ‘Scotland of East’. It was the legacy of British which is still noticeable in the shape of planning and cuisine habits of the natives of the city. The houses of the city are just like the houses found in the state of Assam. They are just magnificent in view of the city being prone extremely heavy rain and tremors. The houses have large number of windows, slanting roofs and wooden floors. The city has no particular time to visit as whole year has its own significance. The rainy season denotes a spotless city with waterfalls flowing with full force while in contrast; the other months are easy for travelling. Travelling around in the caves of the city is among the most excellent things being done here. The exploration of the forest covered peaks in the region can be pleasurable.

How to Reach

By Air: The airport of the city is 40 km away. The airport is small. Flights from Kolkata land here on certain days of a week. So a traveller has to come to Shillong via Kolkata, if he comes by air.

By Train: There are no railway lines in the whole state. The nearest line is of Guwahati, the capital city of Assam.

By Road: A traveller can hire car of come to the city by bus. To get around the city the best way is to tour by foot as the city is very small in size.

Sightseeing in Shillong

Umiam Lake: This spot is very gorgeous and looks like Lake of Scotland. This is a artificial i.e. man-made lake and is in addition commonly recognized as Barapani due to its dimension. A garden and a water sports complex is found here.

Don Bosco Museum: The city has a museum showing the local traditions of the North Eastern region. This city has unusual and attractive compilations about the past of north eastern states.

Ward’s lake: Boating facility is found here for the tourists in this lake. There are beautiful lotuses found here as well as a large number of colourful fishes. The lake also has musical fountain for the tourists to enjoy.

Lady Hydari Park: This spot has a range of local flowers and orchids along with a small zoo inside the park. It is a favourite spot for the children.

Waterfalls: A number of the most renowned waterfalls of the city are Bishop and Beadon Falls, Sweet Falls, Elephant falls, etc.

Where to Stay

The lodgings provision here is fairly good and comfortable. These are exclusive and not extremely costly. All types of hotels are found here for every social group.


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