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The cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra is Pune. It has crop up as learning hub of the nation. Maximum big learning institutes are found in Pune. The city has been the heart of attraction from historical era whether from functioning viewpoint, economical activities, learning progresses and other artistic wealth. This area has a great number of traveller spots. Maharashtra state administration has expanded the Pune tourism subsequent to independence seeing that the connectivity level considerably has gone high and individuals across the nation moved to this metropolis either to set up here permanently or for a period frame.

Pune traveller spots have appeal due to their straight link with the Indian traditions and profound excess with the movement of independence in a variety of forms. Except the beautiful natural and artificial places in the metropolis a lot of traveller spots near Pune are attraction source of lots of visitors across the globe. Nature has as well supported well the metropolis and its outer reaches as the waterfalls close to the city are the decorations of the metropolis. Pune is renowned on behalf of its busiest shopping centres and conventional shopping. To supply for the desire of a common guest, there are numerous excellent restaurants in this city which supply the superior foods on reasonable rates. Places in the region of Pune have their importance as each of nearby places has a number of exclusive traditional values.

How to Reach

By Air: Airport is located in the Lohagaon region which is about 12 km away from Pune. The airport makes available lots of flights the whole week from the airport from the major cities of India.

By Train: Pune has an outstanding railway services linking all main cities of the nation.

By Road: Pune is well linked by road by means of all the major cities inside the state in addition to exterior of the state. Government and private buses travel from Pune to the capital city of Maharashtra, Mumbai on a daily basis.

Sightseeing in Pune

Bund Garden: This estate is located on the shores of the river of Mula.

National War Museum: This war monument was devoted to the nation in the year of 1988.

Raj Dinkar Kelkar Museum: This museum is situated in the middle of the city.

Pataleshwar Caves: This is a temple of rock cut. This was probably made in the 8th century.

Aga Khan Palace: It is among one of the beautiful historical monuments to be found in the city.

Shaniwar Waada: This structure was built in 1730 by King Baji Rao.

Where to Stay

As Pune is a place of commercialization, it has the spectator of an increase in the hotels numbers as well. A number of the well recognized brands of hotel groups have cropped up in the city to make up for the most excellent choices in the comfort segment of the hotels. Visitors at Pune can be sure of getting the hotels of their choice and budget easily.

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