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The City of Pearls, Hyderabad is the capital of Southern State of India, Andhra Pradesh and it is like an impeccably decorated princess with mesmerizing, faded and expensive jewelry. Earlier, the city was the seat of wealthy and powerful Asaf Jahi and Qutb Shahi dynasties and hence the city experienced centuries of great innovation and prosperity till date. Today also the Old City of Hyderabad comprises some of the century’s old Islamic monuments and older charms and the entire city is spotted with some of the ancient architectural gems, palaces, tombs, mosques from past, some were enchanting and weathered and others gleaming and restored recently and are interleaved across the city.

In 90s the city of Hyderabad experienced its west side and the materialization of new decadence. Hyderabad along with Bangalore and Pune became the hub of mighty software dynasty of India and hence built a culture of posh lounges and good food for new royalty of the city. The northern part of Hussain Sagar, Secunderabad is the ex-British cantonment and it is now useful for tourists, owing to its big railway station.

How to Reach

The city of Hyderabad is well linked with all cities and towns of India via air, train and road.

By Plane: The new Rajiv Gandhi International Airport is the major international airport of the city, situated 22 km from the heart of the city. This well-appointed and sleek airport offers the finest aviation facilities in India. Both domestic and international flights are available from the airport.

By Train: Indian Rail Services have railway services to Hyderabad from all major towns and cities of India. The city has three major railway junction namely, Hyderabad, Secunderabad and Kachiguda railway station. There is also a minor railway station in the city, Begumpet station. Trains for both northern and southern destinations are available from these junctions.

By Bus: The city of Hyderabad is linked with almost all parts of Western, and Southern India and Andhra Pradesh. Both private and government buses are available in large number ranging from luxury deluxe buses to ordinary services that cover the entire state and neighboring cities & states.

Sightseeing in Hyderabad

Charminar: The four minarets or Charminar is the ultimate construction which was created at the very spot where Quli Qutb Shah offered his prayers for the end of pestilence epidemic. This magnificent monument has long been reckoned as icon of the city. The height of the tower is 48.7 m approximately from ground and comprises over 140 steps. Inside the upper storey of the minarets there is a mosque with 45 prayer spaces.

Ramoji Film City: It is world’s largest film studio complex in regards to space which cover over 2000 acres and only 70% of studio is fully developed will date and further expansion of the studio is in progress. The locals say that one can walk in with a script and make a complete movie within this studio, including the pre and post production work. The studio comprises several sets including, Japanese gardens, Hollywood Sing, London Street, Hospital, Airport and much more. The studio also conducts technical and stunt shows which are very much similar to or copied from the shows at Universal Studios.

Hussain Sagar Lake: There is a huge statue of Buddhe situated right on the middle of the lake which is called as Hussain Sagar and the locals called it Tank Bund. The statue is accessible with the help of short boat ride from Lumbini Park and it takes around 510 minutes to reach the center of the lake.

Where to Stay

Accommodation in the city is likely to ruin your budget, because the rooms are quite expensive in Hyderabad compared to other metro cities like, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. Though the rooms are easily available, but you need to be careful enough while selecting hotels and its location, especially if you want to prevent traffic bottlenecks and a long commute. Some of the popular accommodation facilities in Hyderabad include, Ashoka, Dwaraka Heritage, Parklane, Best Western Amrutha Castle, Falcons Nest Imperia Suites, Hotel Mandakini Jaya International, Aditya Park, Green Park, Hampshire Plaza, ITC Kakatiya, Marriott Hotel & Convention Centre and many others.


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