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Serving as twin capital of two northern states of India, Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh is officially referred as Union Territory under the direct control of Central Government. Tourists are very much keen in exploring the rich history of this first planned city of Independent India. In the year 1950, when the Swiss architect Le Corbusier was commissioned, he actually envisaged a people-oriented city comprising grand civic buildings, gardens, lakes, and boulevards, made out of his preferred material, reinforced concrete. Hence, Chandigarh came into existence and turned the clock forward by 60 years. Today, the centuries-old monuments, civic squares and parks are still alive, but they are ripened by decades of tropical rain.

The well-planned city of India, Chandigarh still displays the real charm which is unknown to many, a fast moving modern city having centuries-old charms living alongside. Elegantly constructed and well maintained, the multi-purpose parks, lakes and gardens within the city are must-see attractions of the city. For tourists, this destination is a place to observe India in the best way possible as the city seems to be comfortable, prosperous and of course cosmopolitan and also to explore modernist architectures created by Swiss architect Le Corbusier.

The city is divided into several sectors and each sector of the city is pedestrian-friendly and self-contained. Most of the tourists focus on Sector 17 for restaurants & shopping, Sector 22 for accommodation, Sector 9 for museums and art galleries, and Sector 43 and 17 for bus terminus and train station.

How to Reach

The city is well connected to the rest of India via air, rail and road network. Tourists can access the city by any convenient medium given below.

By Plane: The city of Chandigarh has its own international airport, located around 11 km from the heart of the city. All major airlines connect Chandigarh with rest of India like, Amritsar, Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and much more.

By Train: Chandigarh station is around 8 km away from the heart of the city and serves the city conveniently. All major trains like Himalayan Queen Service and Shatabdi Express link the city with other major parts of the country on regular basis.

By Road: Chandigarh is well connected to other parts of the country with exceptional road network. Chandigarh is located at motor-able distance from several cities of Northern India. The city is connected to two major national highways, NH-21 and NH-22, thus it is well connected to all neighboring cities via road network. The panoramic views and exceptional road condition make your drive to the city really pleasant and mesmerizing.


Rock Garden: A unique spot of the city that entices a large number of tourists from across the globe every year. This garden is the most visited attraction of the city, owing to its elegant sculptures and breathtaking creativity which actually converts something as waste into some works of arts. The garden is like converting into a totally different world where imaginable sculptures are created by humans. The most important fact about this garden is that the garden was created single handed by one person, Nek Chand, before it was taken over by Indian Government.

Sukhna Lake: A Man-made lake strategically located in the foothills of Himalayan range. This lake gets the most mesmerizing look during the seasonal flow of water. The maintenance of the lake has been carried out by Chandigarh administration and Union Government. Here tourists can enjoy a wide variety of activities like, sculling, sailing, water skiing, kayaking, rowing and boating. During the winters the lake also attracts several species of birds like storks, cranes, Siberian Ducks etc.

Pinjore Gardens: It is also known as Yadavindra Gardens which is located around 20 km from the heart of the city, on the stretch of Chandigarh-Shimla road. This garden rests on the foothills of lower Shivalik ranges and known as the Mughal style garden. It is the most popular picnic spot for the tourists. The garden also comprises Japanese garden, plant nursery, mini zoo, picnic lawns and historic palaces.

Where to Stay

Being the most famous tourist destination, the hotels in Chandigarh are quite expensive. So, booking hotels ahead is the best way to secure a budget, yet comfortable stay in the city. To find the best hotel in the city to stay with family, you may approach Chandigarh tourism office for more details. Some of the other hotels that you may consider for accommodation during your visit include, Hotel Tak Chandigarh, Hotel Shivalik View, Hotel Mount View, Hotel Chandigarh Ashok, The Piccadily, JW Marriot Chandigarh, Park Plaza, Hotel Metro43 and much more.


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