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Assam is in the north eastern side of India. Guwahati is the capital city of the state. Assam tea is renowned all through the whole globe. The state was in the power of Burma in the period of 19th century and after 1824 Anglo-Burmese, it raised to turn into a part of the India under British. Assam is rich in natural resources like feldspar, quartzite, natural gas and limestone. The tropical rain forests and the deciduous forests make the state a land of wilds.

Bodo and Dimasa are the native languages of the state and some other dialects commonly in use are Santali and Bengali. Nepali is similarly broadly in use and it is calculated that almost three million persons speak the language in the state. This state is recognized for its diversity of cultures. The native dance form of the state is Ankiya Nat. The clay works, cane products and brassware are a few of the handiwork found here. One of the chief industries of the state is tourism. There are many wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in the state which tempt travellers the whole year. The state is wealthy in the tradition of civilization and culture which can be seen in the activities in the state.

How to Reach

By Air: The major airlines connect the capital city Guwahati with all other major cities of India.

By Train: Express trains bond all the cities of the nation with Guwahati.

By Road: A lot of private travel corporations and Assam State Transport Corporation have in operation a vast network of buses to travel from anywhere to anywhere in the state.

Sightseeing in Assam

Assam State Museum: In 1940 the museum was established under a nongovernmental body. In 1953 it was taken over by the state government. It is the major museum of north eastern region.

Kamakhya Temple: The chief attraction of the capital city is Kamakhya Temple. It is situated on Nilachal hill. It is the spot where the worship of Goddess Kamakhya is done. The holy place offers a wonderful sight of the city in addition to the strong Brahmaputra. A few giant turtles have the home here in the ponds.

Zoo-cum-Botanical Garden: The state has a botanical garden of 82 hectares of area and it was established in the year 1982. 44 varieties of exceptional orchids of North Eastern region is found in the garden.

Kaziranga National Park: This national park is world famous for one horned Rhinoceros. This is the home of these Rhinoceros. This is as well the world heritage spot.

Hajo: It is an archaeological region of the state. It is the earliest city of Apunarbhaba. There are remnants of quite a lot of ancient temples as well as some other structures in the spot.

Where to Stay

The most excellent time to holiday in the state is from October to April since the climate at this time will be the most favourable for the tourists. There are many budget hotels in all over the state. There are also expensive hotels in the state. People can book the hotel rooms according to their need easily via phone, travel agents or online.

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