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Shillong This city is situated in north eastern region of India. Shillong means, ‘home of clouds’. It is the capital city of the state of Meghalaya. As this city is situated in rolling hills sheltered with pines, the capital has a mild weather. It is approximately 1496 m higher than the sea level. The city […]


Rajasthan From the incandescent splendor of sun kissed deserts to yelp of color-charged cities, Rajasthan is the colorful state in the northwest of India, draped in gaudy imperial negligees. The state of Rajasthan was ruled by the formidable Rajput warrior clans with their gilt edged swords, blood-thick gallant codes and plundered wealth. The wonder-laced state […]


Pune The cultural capital of the state of Maharashtra is Pune. It has crop up as learning hub of the nation. Maximum big learning institutes are found in Pune. The city has been the heart of attraction from historical era whether from functioning viewpoint, economical activities, learning progresses and other artistic wealth. This area has […]


Lucknow Generously dotted with buildings of British Raj Era including the superb mausoleums and Residency, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow plays a gratuitous 3rd fiddle to Varanasi and Agra. However the city caters to the needs of history buffs without enticing the flocks of tourists who simply make the sightseeing quite exasperating. The […]


Kolkata The city of inquisitive amalgam of colonial past, political expression, and modern cultural vibrancy, Kolkata is the place of every day festival of human existence. Calcutta is the old name of the city and it is the second largest city of India that represents the images of human anguish to most of the Western […]


Kerala The Southern state of India, Kerala is the tropical seventh heaven of flourishing palms and extensive sandy beaches. Divided into 14 different districts, Kerala has emerged as the hottest tourist destination of India today, especially amongst the international travelers. The state of lush greenery, Kerala perches on the stretch of a narrow strip that […]


Kashmir Kashmir is the heaven of India. It is the vision for a lot of travellers to stopover the most gorgeous valley. Kashmir is famous with one other title known as ‘Mini Switzerland.’ Travellers can select vast number of Tour Packages of Kashmir to discover the splendour of the valley state. One can decide the […]


Jaipur The capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur is the globally acclaimed as “Pink City”. It is the largest city of Rajasthan state and it was built in 18th century under the reign of Sawai Jai Singh as first planned city of India. History affirms that in 1876, the entire city was dressed in pink color […]

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