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Rajasthan Tourism | Travel Guide, Best Attractions, Tours & Packages

Rajasthan From the incandescent splendor of sun kissed deserts to yelp of color-charged cities, Rajasthan is the colorful state in the northwest of India, draped in gaudy imperial negligees. The state of Rajasthan was ruled by the formidable Rajput warrior clans with their gilt edged swords, blood-thick gallant codes and plundered wealth. The wonder-laced state […]

Kerala Tourism | Travel Guide, Best Attractions, Tours & Packages

Kerala The Southern state of India, Kerala is the tropical seventh heaven of flourishing palms and extensive sandy beaches. Divided into 14 different districts, Kerala has emerged as the hottest tourist destination of India today, especially amongst the international travelers. The state of lush greenery, Kerala perches on the stretch of a narrow strip that […]

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